Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my funny girl

"MaryAlice, where is your cup?" I asked. 
"I threw it on the floor... I was mad,"  she says matter of factly.

"Sing Jesus Loves Me" I asked MA.
"Jesus Loves me... that's the book for me," she replies with not even a hint of singing.

"I've had it with B (I B) L E" she stated when asked to sing the B I B L E

"Why are you crying MaryAlice?" I asked.  "Da-ma (grandma) spank me!" she sobs.  To which grandma's puzzled remark was, "I didn't spank her."  "She slapped my lap!" she accuses back at grandma.  "I removed her from my face when she was trying to sit on it," grandma says.

Aiya had an owie on her arm and all that is left is a skin discoloration.  We had Miss Megan over last night and this morning she was looking at her arm and said, "Did Miss Megan take my owie away?"

Miss Megan was dating our friend Mr Oliver, but broke up about a month ago.  Last night MA randomly asks Megan, "You sleep with Mr. Oliver?"  Then she is trying to pull her up and says, "Do you want to see Mr. Oliver?"  Where does she come up with these.  It was a bit awkward, but what do you do?

She's asking me for a sticker... (she's referring to my Carefree pantiliner)

"That boy looks mad," MaryAlice says as she points to a picture of Obama.