Thursday, April 19, 2012

mud, paint and fizz

My girl likes to be messy.  She likes to grind things into her hands just to feel it.  She loves the mud and playing in the sink.  You can't tell in the pic, but there is mud all over her face even. Belle was so disturbed that I was letting her just play in it.  Belle is the one who wouldn't finger paint because the paint got all over her hands!  So funny!  The mom is laughing and taking pics and the eight year old is saying, "Do you see what she's doing?  She has mud all over her!  She's grinding it into her knees! Have you seen how much mud she has on her clothes?"  Love my different girls!

Since she so loved the mud, I had to take out the finger paints and see what she did.  I couldn't get her to do any kind of a picture.  She just mashed all the paints together and got all in it.  It was a huge smear of paint... mostly brown!  She is hysterical!  I had to post the video of her just singing while she was messing in it... total contentment!

The next project I envisioned as a nice bowl of baking soda with four small bowls of colored vinegar.  She was supposed to spend hours using a dropper to drop little bits of the vinegar unto the soda and watch it fizz.  She did that a few times and then was all in it with her hands.  Soon the small bowls where fizzing over as she put handfuls of the soda into the little bowls as well... a much bigger fizz!  Nicely done.  She's still over there.  Dropper is long gone and she's toting balls of vinegar and soda all over the table and floor!  She really slays me!  Every now and then she yells that something is wrong because she's put too much soda into the vinegar and it's bubbling over!!!!  Not the way I thought it would go, but WAY fun all at the same time!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I like about you at 3...almost 4!

What I like about you at 3... almost 4:
mama's girl
like her Daddy, she eats lemons

my girl enjoys her food

  • You like to sing all made up songs!  You make it up as you go.  Usually no known tune just a story about what you're doing.  I started laughing, but you do it so often and so loud now that sometimes you are asked to go sing upstairs or outside :)
  • you play very well by yourself.  you have quite the imagination and can play for hours in your closet or in the sink
  • You are such a huge little love.  You make everyone feel so special with your huge hugs and always something sweet from your chatty mouth!
  • You can tell quite a story without skipping a beat.  You've been called bull headed from time to time as you're not easily distracted when you set your mind on something.  Most kids can be distracted, but you will persist even if it's the next morning
  • You love your big sisters so much.  You even come back and play with Abby even when she is grabby.  The sun rises and sets with Belle.  You love to be with her and do anything she's doing.  You drive her a bit crazy because you get into her things a lot these days.
  • You play very well with friends; although you won't hesitate to enforce your wishes if they're not followed even though you're a bit more tolerant that you use to be. 
  • You're best buddy is your cousin Selah, but you have several friends at church too.  Ashlynn is your other buddy.  You are so cute with very affectionate love for your friends!
  • You really love to dance!  You will dance alone, but prefer to shake with family dance parties!
  • You're super funny on the trampoline because you love to jump, but only by yourself!  You can't stay upright with others dancing and get cranky when others try to interupt your turn :)
  • You like your babies, but a large variety rather than one in particular.  It depends on the day which one you want with you.
  • You cannot sleep without your blanket, which so happens to be your sister's blankets.  One of daddy's customers when he sold cookware made them before you were born, but neither of them took to a blanket so you've claimed them.  The funny part about your blankets is that one says "Abby" and the other says "Annabelle".  I suppose we could get you your own, but it's too late for that as you're already attached to them. 
  • You suck your right pointer finger at night.  You had an owie on it one night and it hurt, so I was trying to get you to switch hands, but you kept telling me that the other hand didn't work!
  • You love a crowd just like your daddy!  You come alive and work the crowd at church.  You definitely have your favorite people like our closest friends and Mr. Beau and Miss Jessica.  Beau often plays piano with you after church which may be where you learned to make up songs as the first one he taught you was, "Mommy and Daddy Are So Great!" You like to meat new people and have no trouble starting up a new conversation.  You remember people and are always excited to see relatives that you haven't seen in months. 
  • You are the kids who gets into everything!  If you're quiet I have to worry which can be tricky with you because you do entertain yourself well, but all too often it's with something messy.  You've written on everything with anything you can find.  You get into soaps, shampoos and anything that sticks.  You decided one day you didn't like Peeps and proceeded to smash them into your hands.  You are a messy!
  • You aren't a bit afraid of the water.  You jump right in and are even swimming!
  • reading with your friends Ashlynn and Emery
    MA & Selah
    your prayers about as creative as you
  • You are mama's girl! 

What she's saying this month

I subbed a couple days at the girls school and she got to go to preschool!

At 3... 4 in a couple of months MaryAlice says the funniest things!  Here are a few gems...
she likes to help out.  when I ask she says, "SURE"
  • For Easter Belle asked for a new dress instead of a candy basket, and being a mom who doesn't like to push candy I thought it was a good idea.  In the car today MaryAlice decided what she wanted... "A stepmother dress"  Whatever in the world that is, I have no idea; but since all the princesses have stepmothers, she wanted to be able to play that part as well when they dress up.  Her cousin Selah is a new princess every day, so it is fitting that my funny girl wants to be the stepmother!
  • MA went with Grandma Mary to her great, great uncle Don's funeral last weekend.  She asked Grandma why Uncle Don was in a treasure box.  Later on she said, "Uncle Don sure is sleepy," and asked to see him again.  When she got close she told Grandma that she should sing to him, and proceeded to make up a song for him about Little Bo Peep because "That is in the Bible, you know."
  • After letting Belle go home with her cousin today, MA was very distraught that her sister wasn't with us.  She said, "I need my whole family... Abby, Belle, Daddy, Mommy & Ms Danielle!" 
  • We're trying to get MA to wipe herself.  She really wants no part of it.  She yelled for me to come wipe her, and I tried some tough love with you are big enough to do it yourself and didn't go.  After a few minutes she aggrevatedly replied, "I went poop and I cannot wipe myself.  I will get poop on my hands and I won't wash them!"
  • We had our first beautiful spring day and we spent most of the day outside.  MA was hysterically crying because I wouldn't let her step in all the animal poop!!!!
  • MA has imaginay friends that come and go, usually with made up names; therefore we hear their names once usually and never hear of them again.  The one friend that has reappeared from time to time, but has definitely stayed... "Poolish"  Just like all the name suggests, Pooplish, poops on everything all the time!