Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nov/Dec 2010... 2 1/2 yrs old... more funny stuff she says

holding her bunny and "his daddy" (a gorilla)
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for my oatmeal... and the yucky..."  Yucky is what I call my concoction of Vit. C drink, apple cider vinegar and probiotic drink, and in an effort to get her to stop wanting it I call it yucky juice.  She got ahold of it one day and decided it wasn't yucky.  Now I make her a cup too and she still calls it yucky.

"Say thank to Mommy, Daddy!"  she demands as we sit and eat breakfast.  I guess she's used to him telling her to thank Mommy for making the food.

"I ask ga-ma for mo boo-berry sauce"
I went to get her one morning and the first things she said was, "Danelle (Danielle) didn't get my banket (blanket)."  Evidently, when Danielle was babysitting the night before she thought the one blanket she had in her bed was enough, but MaryAlice didn't agree.  She went on further as Danielle came back that day and as soon as she walked in the door she said, "You didn't get by banket... I cry."  She isn't one to be distracted by a mere 12 hours of sleep. 

"unco, want to cuddle Aiya?"
I used to sneak out of the house when I would go out because it seemed that she dealt better with the fact that I was gone than me leaving.  Now she isn't so easily swayed and I don't like to just leave as she is getting older I want her to be able to say goodbye.  After leaving one night and not wanting the drama I snuck out.  Danielle said she was a bit upset, but got over it quickly like normal, but the next morning she says, "Why you leave me?... I cry" 

"NO! NO! NO MOMMY! NO! NO! NO! YOU NO SPANK ME! I CRYING!"  She's taken to yelling at me when she gets popped and put in time out. 

"Mommy, open gate for me!" she says.  "Not quite yet. I'm need to finish up here and then I'll help you," I reply calmly.  "I say OPEN GATE.  Now I spank you!"  she says less than calmly :)

"You say, 'Yes sir' to Aiya!"  she tells her bear in a stern voice.

"Ganpa, give me money"  MaryAlice stated matter-of-factly to Grandpa as he got into the car (she's never asked for money from anyone until now)

"Belle, Hold me like a baby"
As Miss Danielle comes in the house MaryAlice exclaims, "I get to watch my movie now!"