Monday, August 30, 2010

potty training and other funnies!

I thought I was an expert potty trainer after Belle trained in less than a day, I think.  You don't seem to care at all. You will pee on yourself and say (as pee is running down your legs) "Aiya pee on floor".  Today you said you had to go big potty three times as you had already wet your third pair of panties.  I thought I'd try popping your behind.  You cried a bit and then went and spanked your baby. 

You are too funny.  you put yourself in time out; fake cry; say sorry to whomever is around and get up.  It is hilarious!  You're praying is also becomming an event.  Tonight you said, "thank you for mommy, daddy, uncle ben, uncle bill, melnanie, papa and the other papa,"    Your best prayer was when you were blessing your food, but you didn't know what to call the salmon cake so you said, "thank you for... this (as you pointed at it). 

You also have a soft spot for Abby.  No matter how much she pulls your hair you're always up for a hug (from behind, you're not stupid) and a kiss (you will grab her face and wretch it toward you to get her square on the lips)!  "Abby, love Aiya" or "Abby, come sit by Aiya" or "Abby, hold Aiya's hand" (she's trying to get you, but you just called it holding). 

Daddy asked you if you were ready for bed tonight for which you replied without skipping a beat, "No. maybe later."  You've turned our strategy against us.  It seems to be the only way we can deter you.  You're not easily distracted, but you are okay with "maybe tomorrow" or "maybe later".  Tonight you used it on us!  uh-oh!

MaryAlice pooped in the big potty!!! I ran in there from the other room to praise her and what did I get... poked in the eye!  If that's not bad enough it was the finger she just had in her poo, and she stuck it in my eye to show me!  Oh my!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aiya mow the lawn with Mama

Abby used to be the one who mowed with me, but when I tried to hold her on my lap I realized she had outgrown it.  I was a bit down for awhile, but came around when I realized it was your turn to try.  Belle never really liked it much.  She's such a physical touch kid right now that I thought it would be a homerun, but I think lawn mowing is yours now. 

Half way through today you were soooo ready for a nap as your eyelids drooped, but instead of falling asleep you kept repositioning yourself.  Everytime you changed positions you looked up at me and smiled a so content smile.  You've had a few cranky days lately, but you always seem to brighten my day.  You've declared your "Mama's girl" status from the start.  Daddy has let you stay there as Belle is attached to him whenever he is home, so he thought I needed an apendage too.  He thinks you'll go over in time!  I think you girls take turns favoring one of us at a time, but I'll let daddy think he's the one in charge!

We like to play an "I love you" game.  With Belle we call for her or get her attention somehow and the first person to say, "I love you" wins.  You haven't quite gotten into that one yet other than calling our names and saying "I love you,"  It's cute, but you and I have taken to going back and forth with, "No, I love you."  It's so sweet to hear you compete to say I love you that it melts me.  "I love you, mommy" is frequent music to my ears.  You are very particular about mom being the one to care for you if I'm within sight. 

Your newest put off is, "Maybe later."  For some reason you have not been a child to be distracted once you set your mind, but you are okay  with, "Maybe later."  You also are okay to put anything off if I say maybe tomorrow.  You say, "Maybe morrow."  You  talk nonstop.  You ask a question and answer it all in the same breath.  For example, "Mommy, want to go outside? Yes!"  You're a bit moody, but when you're in a good mood you are sooo agreeable.  We just had you're two year old pictures made and you answered, "Yah"  to anything they suggested.  I think they photographed you for over and hour and a half. 

You are absolutely in love with "Dama" (grandma) too.  You stayed with grandma right around a year and you were attached.  You remind everyone of your cousin Kate with your talking and personality.  Daddy and I are convinced you are a carbon copy of him, which explains why I enjoy you so much.  Belle is just like me, so obviously I like her a ton too!  You two are a match made in Heaven!!!  You love her, but already make her cry.  She's so soft and you're quite rough.  You're not afraid to get dirty and are not phased by Abby's aggression toward you.  She grabs your hair and you say, "Abby, be nice to Aiya; no pull Aiya's hair; Love Aiya." 

This is going to be fun writing about you!  What a perfect gift you are!