Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day with the Tanners

A day with the Tanners = get what I want day!  MaryAlice loves to be the princess with our friends the Tanners.  They have two older boys, so MaryAlice is the only girl and the baby when she's with them.  She so loves them and has Mr Steve wrapped around her little finger :)  I have to recount another story about her love for Mr Steve...
The Tanners came to my grandpa's funeral during visitation which was so sweet of them to be so supportive of me, but MA assumed they came just for her and she wanted Mr Steve all to herself.  She was in his arms as they were trying to leave and pleading for Mr Steve to take her to the playground at the church.  He was re-telling her what I had been saying that we had a sitter coming who would take her, and Mr. Steven had to leave when she took his face in her two little hands and made him look at her (because he obviously he wasn't listening to what she was saying) and ever so sweetly pleaded her case, "But... Mr. Steve... I want YOU to take me to the playground!"  I thought she had him before then, but that sealed the deal!  And besides she lights up when she sees them coming!  So very cute!  I had to share that story before I forgot and the pics that went along with that day.  I had been in the hospital for several days and they were releaving Auntie Andrea for a day because she had been keeping the girls the whole time I was in other than daddy taking them home one night with him :)

I hate to leave Mrs Terri out because she loves her too, but it's more funny if you know Mr Steve and his natural inclination toward small children :)  You would assume everyone loves the sweet Mrs Terri, but Steve I think she saw as a challenge!!!!  Don't let him fool you, he's a big softy!!! Sorry Steve to give you up :)

Ian teaching her how to play video games

Always a ham!

Chasing bubble with Mrs Terri I presume :)

big cheese!

throwing rocks... one of her favorite things to do since
she did it on her first date with her daddy!

throwing rocks with her Grahammy isn't too bad either!
She used to call him "her boy"

4th of July... Hatfield style!

4th of July... Hatfield style :)  We had so much fun celebrating with our friends at their house.  The plan was a BBQ and then hopping on the boardwalk, which runs through their backyard, and walking downtown to the fireworks.  We knew the girls wouldn't last that late, but we left Belle to do to the fireworks with everyone as MA and Abby hit their limit after all the fun and swimming! 

We hadn't intended to leave Belle, but she really wanted to go and Mrs Alana came up with the idea to keep her overnight... much to Belle's excitement!  Nobody likes a sleepover like Belle!  She only had her flip flops with because we had no intention to stay, but they made the 3 mi walk a bit tricky.  Alana was pushing Jud in the big jogging stroller and she asked him if Belle could ride alone.  To everyone's surprise he let her ride nearly the whole way with him... what a sweetie!  Thanks to G-ray (sp?) the new exchange student from South Africa living with them, Alana didn't have to push both of them the entire way!!! I can't believe Mrs Alana didn't take a picture :)   I didn't mention that they left the house and hour later than they planned because it had been raining.  I guess picture taking isn't conducive when running!!!!

Fun... Food... and Good Friends makes for a perfect day!

MA: "Can I kiss Jud?"
Me: "Sure, if he'll let you."
Jud: laughing & staring at her trying to figure out why she was all up in his Kool-aid!
Mr Dan joined in the silly string fun... what a great idea Alan had!
Miss Nancy got sill stringed a bit too!
Mr Tim joined the girls too!
Jud likes to sit on the stool by the door when he wants to leave.  Mary Alice thought
was a perfect time to corner him into "visiting" with her!
MaryAlice and G-ray having a heart to heart!  I think Rainbow Dash 
and Jesus dominated the discussion... I don't get her stories either!
Mama and her big girl!
Jud thought she was funny.  He kept listening and laughing while
she chatted away. 
bubble blowing was part of the entertainment as well.  Alana was thinking of
the girls, but looks like more than the girls got into it!
Jud sat down next to MaryAlice as she "read" to him... thankfully Belle
helped a bit so he recognized some of the story she told!  I think we was
aiming for her lap.