Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

She liked to look at the characters as long as they didn't get too close

the highlight of her Bentleyville trip was the ice cream sundae after dinner
MaryAlice's favorite part of Christmas is by far all the lights and decorations.  I moved the tree to the "cold room" as we've named the closed off porch area.  It was to best suit our space, as well as keep me from losing my mind trying to keep MA from tearing down the tree one decoration at a time.  Both the wise men and shepherds (after they were potty trained, of course) lost their heads this year, along with one of the wise men's gifts and a shepherd's staff.  Thankfully during clean-up they were recovered and glued back on, but I couldn't think of a way to justify yelling at her all season to "stay away from the nativity".  So I let her play.  It all was glued back into place and is ready for next year.  I thought it was funny to say that one of the wise men went back by Herod's... thus, losing a head :)  I let her have the nativity, but whole tree would've been dangerous, right?
MaryAlice does love to go, so all the extra partying also suited her just fine... like her big sisters.  MaryAlice likes the added attention and ate it up except for the part where she was sick.  She was sick for Christmas day and the next day which would've of been fine if it hadn't been a Sunday.  And not just any Sunday, but the first one that Andy ever preached!  I had a hard time not being their, but feld peace after I was reminded in my prayers for him that he didn't need me there as much as he needed Him there :)  Humbling reminder for both of us.  Andy did a marvelous job with his first sermon.  In hindsight I would've preferred it not fall the day after Christmas as Andy was so preoccupied with preparation, but I was so proud of the job he did!  You can listen for yourself here.

MaryAlice actually ended up sleeping clear through the whole gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She reluctantly opened her presents after the Pavolas had already gone.  When asked what happened at Christmas, her cousin Selah, will report, "Aiya was sick and couldn't open her presents!"  On the bright side we were able to spend some time visiting friends.  A friend I grew up with was in town with her family and we were able to meet her family and actually visit for a bit.  Abby spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa which ended up being a huge blessing as MaryAlice just wanted to be held all night and the next day.

loving Mrs. Terri

We finished the week by having lunch with the Tanners after they came to church to hear Andy speak.  Uncle Ben was also there which was extra nice to hav them all there especially since I had to be home with a sick MA.

grandma & aiya

nativity taking naps... note the headless wiseman

MA had too much sugar and was bouncing off the walls

she had to join the Kindergarten girls on the floor w/our friend Jaana for Belle's Christmas program at school

she was so sick she didn't even care about her presents...she just wanted to cuddle

she kept asking Mr. "Teve" to dress the baby they gave her

Belle got a baby for MA in hopes that she'd leave hers alone