Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hospital visits

We realized MaryAlice was so comfortable in a hospital and/or nursing home while we spent a lot of time in both while visiting my grandpa before he passed.  We have a friend who is young and recently diagnosed with crohns disease and has spent a lot of time in the hospital. Belle is super uncomfortable in this setting (although she's gotten much better), but MA is hysterical in how much she doesn't care.  She climbed right up on the bed next to Gretchen and looked at the tube coming out of her nose and said, "your nose looks funny."

She thought she would sing to make her feel better...

a visit with Ms Jenna

Ms Jenna worked with Abby (technically), but it's never stopped the other two girls from claiming her... or most of the other girls that come over!  They know the girls are here to work with Abby, but they seem to find ways to connect and make some lifelong connections with these wonderful girls!

Ms. Jenna worked with Abby for at least a couple years, so when she comes into town she'll stop by for a visit.  This visit was particularly entertaining as MA was in rare MA form.  The first video is a cute knuckle bump explosion, but the second one kills me!  MA was so disturbed by Jenna tickling that she became adamant that she stop!  Watch this...

singing to Abby

MA has discovered that if she sings the ABC's that Abby will not only let go of a pull or pinch hold, but she can avoid the hold altogether if she sings while she walks by her.  Pretty amazing how this little gal loves her big sister and has found ways to do it better than anyone else in Abby's life!  she's a special little gal.  Check out her singing to Abby.  Notice how thrilled Abby is with her singing!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Singing to Abby at the counter...

playground with ma climbing

As much as MA is advanced verbally, she is a equally slow on the gross motor side; therefore, we've been going to the park.  She also loves it and it's good for her too!  She is stretched physically doing all the stuff there and she also gets many chances to interact with other kids which is a bonus!  We've also spent this past year "training in times of non conflict" which means practicing things that she's struggles with.  Parks give us the "opportunity" to practice leaving a fun place without a breakdown.  It's been an exercise in futility up until this summer, so I've just decided to not lose my mind and just keep at it.  We have occasional breakdowns, but it's not the standard these days (unless we're leaving Auntie's).

I did a video of her climbing finally this day.  She usually stops anything she can't do, but is somehow growing up a bit and pushing herself :)