Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddy dates

Check out that arm!

Bright 'n beach...perfect date place for an unruly kid
Daddy got started a bit younger with MaryAlice since she's heard about Belle and Mommy's dates.  She's been asking to go on a date for quite some time.  Andy decided to take her out, but we've kind of switched to everything being a date lately. 

We go on "Shopping dates" and she goes on dates with a bunch of other friends too.  She got picked up one day by Mr Steve and Mrs Teri.  They spoiled her for a few hours.  Now she thinks everyone should take her out.  She went up to Mrs Alana in church and said, "I can go on a date with you... we can go in your bye-bye (car)."  She also had the pleasure of going out with Ms Danielle when Andy and I went out of town for a few days.  She got to meet a bunch of Ms. Danielle's friends (which she's claimed as hers now).  She asks about going to visit them on various days.  She met Ms Amanda's boyfriend one night and she's been talking about him as if we see him daily. 

This morning she came down the stairs and said, "I want to go see Mr. Beau."  Yes, she did just spend Sunday after church with Beau as he played the piano with her, but it's so funny how she seems to think they are peers.  Today was Ms Jessica's birthday and she had to call her.  We also made a video for her. 

Some "Great" days

Most kids don't really know their grandparents let alone their great grandparents!  I consider my kids so fortunate to know their great grandparents.  Abby and Annabelle actually met all four of them.  My grandpa Eddy died only a few years ago.    He would've gottena a kick out of our baby, no doubt.  Grandpa always had a bit of a "stinker" side.  Well, the rest of the grandparents enjoy MaryAlice thoroughly!  She also loves to visit which makes it all the more fun.  We still have yet to get grandma "Sorely" as MA calls her in a pic... maybe next time.  

A day with Great Grandpa "Owie"

Not really afraid of the hospital as she asks grandpa,
"Can I sleep in your bed?"

MaryAlice got into grandma "Sorely" (Shirley's)
hats and did a fashion show for us!

"What should we do Grandpa?"

Another hat from the closet... don't tell grandma :)

Posing with great Grandma Lu

Monday, March 14, 2011


MaryAlice in what she called the "baby- sitter"
(a large round tupperware)
Belle didn't want her pic taken
This has been the first time MaryAlice had a bad bug and ended up on antibiotics.  She's had stomach bugs before and a bit of a cold, but nothing like this.  All three girls are on antibiotics and sick.  They originally had the same virus, but it developed into different stuff in each of them.  Abby with her weak lungs got pneumonia which was scary for her to be so sick.  She's just not very strong and stuff like that is so scary.  That was Monday when we took her in.  By Wednesday it was time to take Belle in and she had a sinus infection.  She was out of school the entire week and I thought twice about sending her today, so she went in late so she didn't over do it.  Friday was MaryAlice's turn.  On Thursday her fever went up and she was so pathetic!  She's been such a strong trooper in the past that I thought she do this lying down and be fine, but the cold was a new one and she's been a bear.  She's been attached to Mommy... anymore than usual means she was connected to me at all times.  She would burst into tears if I left the room let alone put her down.  She just kept saying, "Mommy, I sick.  I don't feel dood (good)..." until we saw the doctor.  When he came in the room and asked how she was she said, "I dood."  He laughed and said, "That's why you're here because you're feeling so good?"  She's not used to the doctor because she never goes there, so I wondered how she would do, but we actually got to see her doctor and he's amazing.  The funny part of the appointment was when he wanted to look in her ears, but she wasn't so keen.  He said he was checking for frogs.  Her reaction to that was priceless!  "I don't have frogs in my ears," she stated rather calmly.  He wanted to check anyway and found out why she didn't want him in her ears...red and swollen.  We've never really had any ear problems around here, so it's kind of off my radar.  I guess she's kind of a toughy because she wasn't having trouble sleeping or really complaining about it all that much.  After a week of this mess, I've got a bug but it doesn't seem to bad yet.  I've had an infection myself while caring for them, so it's been a straining week.  It's been nice having Andy here to help.  A brighter side of unemployment.  Ethel has also been here some which has been a blessing. 

Abby getting some love from Miss Ethel...
Cuddly Abby is the one benefit to sick Abby

sick girlfriends