Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Grade

1st Grade

favorite thing to do in school:  arts and crafts
least favorite:  I have no idea
favorite things to do outside of school:  ride my bike, swimming but riding my bike is WAY better (she never rides her bike)
best friends:   Lydia & Ayden (church), Dylan (cousin), Micah, Baylie
favorite thing to do with daddy: Color or watch something
favorite thing to do with mommy:  color
what do you like to do with your sisters? Belle: watch something; Abby: IDK... talk to her; Millie: play
favorite foods:  Pizza... dinner thing; lunch: tuna; breakfast: cereal; dessert: fruit ice cream
What would you like to be when you grow up?  A queen
who do you think you should marry?  someone super cute with blonde hair... we should have maids when we marry
How many kids would you like to have?  2... then he can have one and I could have one... one light blonde and one dirty blonde (I guess I've called her hair that)
Where will you live?  In a kingdom
What state?  South Carolina
will you have pets? what kind? how many?  no... maybe a beautiful kitty that is very beautiful
favorite sport?  I'm never going to do sports
Favorite restaurant:  mexican
Favorite vacation place:  It's like Georgia but it's not... that place we went with the salty beach... with the Georgia family
Where would you like to go on a vacations?  nowhere... I don't want to go somewhere I've never been