Saturday, September 6, 2014

What I LOVE about you at six!

What I LOVE about you at 6!

  • Love your free spirit that dances around our house... or the store... or actually anywhere to the point of running into people as you dance in the mall
  • Your genuine love.  It's not cheap.  You love particularly and big!  You have your people and seem to discern those that truly like you.  
  • You can work a room.  When you're in a good place (emotions run you a bit too much at times) you can charm the socks off anyone!
  • Your hugs... and kisses (we still have to have conversations about not kissing EVERYONE... and short kissing when you do kiss)
  • Your love of arts, crafts and mostly coloring!  You don't want to leave the house without some crayons and a book... or two
  • You leave your creations EVERYWHERE!  They're often too small or identified as trash... even though you really do a nice job of coloring!
  • I LOVE, LOVE when you get into something and are singing praise songs... or your version of songs.  You have no trouble making up your own lyrics
  • You appreciate beauty.  You love to dress up!  You call make-up and jewelry "beauty"
  • You LOVE your mama!  I'm still your go-to gal!  
  • You were de-throned in a big way this year when Millie came and the subsequent loss of Dad for a few months and mom for a couple, but have stepped up nicely to the role of big sister.
  • You may drive us a bit nutty at times with your crazy antics with Millie, but she thinks your hysterical and laughs at you more than anyone
  • Your a starting to be a good helper now that Belle is getting older and away more
  • You are very determined.  Once you set your mind to something, it's hard to sway you.  This is a good quality and one that often needs "molding".  You're growing in obedience regardless of how I feel about it :)
  • You're very warm and welcoming to new people.  You make friends easily as long as they realize your in charge and go along with your direction :)
  • You're not afraid to defend yourself.  A great quality once again, but at six you are learning more self control.
  • I love that you are comfortable in a nursing home or with a disabled child.  You hug, kiss and talk like normal.  I guess you see a lot of crazy, so you're not afraid like most kids are.  
  • I love your adoration for Belle.  I can't believe how much you will listen to her.  
  • Your creativity is amazing!  You can lose yourself in a room... in piles and piles Everywhere
  • You're always up for a cuddle, hugs and kisses!  
  • I love how you "tell it like it is".  Your daddy shares this quality and it makes me laugh  all the time!  You are entertainment on two feet!